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The life of a Hairstylist is not always what it seems.  We are counselors, artists, entrepreneurs, and friends.  Our clients put food on our tables and in exchange we make them look and feel beautiful. I love my work.  I truly enjoy the relationship built with each person who sits in my chair.  As time goes on they become more than just a client.  They become friends and family. Some of them are covering the grey.  Some are going back to grey.  I especially love doing fantasy colors.  They can be a long process but, the outcome is worth it. I do a lot of practicing too.  It is important to keep up on skills and try new things. Because I travel for work, as a platform artist, I have to have f


"I love how my hair is subtly changing into gray.  I actually look in the mirror often to check out my transitioning gray hair!  Fascinating process."  Sharon M. 


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