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I ran into a friend at the airport a few months ago. I was sitting at the gate cruising social media and low and behold she checked in at the same gate for the same flight. I found her and we talked for a few then got to our seats, which were two rows away. We did a few hahas over the rows then sat down. I could hear her talking about our upcoming trips. Backstory I have known this woman for 15 years. I have been a stylist most of those. I have worked for Thermafuse for most of those years. We are friends on social media and in real life. She should be aware what I do for work. So when I could hear her talking to her seat mate about what she does. She said I’m a speaker. He said


"I love how my hair is subtly changing into gray.  I actually look in the mirror often to check out my transitioning gray hair!  Fascinating process."  Sharon M. 


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