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Perm Life

This is a story about my daughter.  She had cut her long hair off and wanted it long.  Now. 

She has naturally curly hair and the extensions were straight.  

We used the Babe micro bead method in Roxanne and Daisy.  We bought 6 packs of hair for the job and used all but 2 strands.  Her hair looked great. 

We soon realized that this was going to be hard to maintain.  Her natural curl would pop out and the extensions would be very noticeable. We decided to go for it.  

We did a perm on the extensions while they were in her hair.  

I had to separate and protect the natural hair.  I used white, grey, and pink rods with an exothermic perm.  We processed for 16 minutes.  We rinsed, blotted and applied Fixxe by Thermafuse to each rod for healing.  Then neutralize.  

Here is the results.  

And this is how great her hair looks after a few shampoos. 

We were both pleased with the outcome and she is happy to have her long hair back. 

Perms can be a great tool.  I expect to see a comeback.  They are great for body.  They help with texture.  And style.  If you would like to learn more about the new perms available. Contact us at 425-343-6308 

See you soon - Kimberly



"I love how my hair is subtly changing into gray.  I actually look in the mirror often to check out my transitioning gray hair!  Fascinating process."  Sharon M. 


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