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You might not like this.

Updated: Sep 23

A few moths ago I changed the business model at my salon. It is the best choice I have ever made. Sure I make less money. BUT I AM NOT STRESSED OUT.

I was stressed and sad and worried all the time.

I worried about having enough money to pay the lease at the salon.

I worried about every dollar that I spent, was it good for the business?

I checked the numbers every day, sometimes more than once.

I felt like I was working to give someone else a paycheck.

And then I hired another stylist. Oh hell. I was working for this dream that I didn't even know that I wanted. You see, I got caught up in some looks good, smells good, social media groups that told me I needed to be a team. I love being a team so I listened. Turns out this was not the right business model for me, right now.

My Intern Turned assistant found a full time gig at a salon closer to home and my right hand man agreed to switch it up. Without Roman, I would not have the blessing of this beautiful studio and location. We talked for a few months about logistics and worked out a plan for Roman to become and independent contractor. He and I are very happy.

We do not fit into a typical salon model, and I am glad for that. I want to be my own kind of awesome. I do not want to be a Pinterest salon. Absolutely not.



"I love how my hair is subtly changing into gray.  I actually look in the mirror often to check out my transitioning gray hair!  Fascinating process."  Sharon M. 


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