• Kimberly Rowley

How are you? Have you cried today?

Family of four all wearing masks in parking lot after grocery shopping during Covid pandemic

How are you? Have you cried today? Are you angry? Are you just so tired of everything and need a vacation but there is nowhere to go and now you just want to go back to bed but the sheets aren't washed and come to think of it when did I wash my hair?  

I feel the same way.  

A client recently told me she feels like a robot. I had to agree. We know there is an underlying problem, we know there is unrest, we know life is tumultuous at best. All we can do is go through the motions and wait for it to be over. Except it feels never-ending.  

One of the things I've done to help myself is hire a marketing consultant.

She is taking care of some of the social media and email marketing and she just gave the overall brand and website a big fun refresh. I am so happy I could cry. Social media has been especially hard for me during these times. Marketing feels pointless and absurd. Alas, it needs to be done. Check her out...

Kristen Leitao, owner of Kristen is Neat with logo plus tagline graphic design online marketing fun friend

You may also have noticed that some of the blog emails are different from my usual style. As we move forward, I will be writing my blog - in an actual blog. (Update: this is the 'actual blog' that I was referring to when I sent that email out originally!). There will also be other changes in our marketing style. I hope you like them.  

As always, I want to thank you for continuing to support us.

Haley, Siobhan, and I have felt the surge of love, with so many of you booking blonding services as of late.

Supporting our salon ultimately keeps all 3 of us in a job. With many businesses closing around us, we are eternally grateful for you. We know where our bread is buttered. Thank you.  

As we move into fall, and uncertainty, please feel free to reach out to me personally. If you have been in once, 100 times, or never, I am here for you. Email is best - my personal email is

XOXO - Kimberly