• Kimberly Rowley

So it goes...

Couple sitting in quarantine clearly annoyed with each other

I am so tired of talking about unprecedented times. I am so tired of talking about the new normal. So it goes*

Here are some things we are doing to create jobs and to help during this ... God help me ... economic uncertainty.  

  1. We were approved for PPP a whopping $1600. The money was used to pay for health insurance for 2 employees for 2.5 months. We went back to work just in time. My faith in the government is not high, so I expect the business will have to repay that in full.  

  2. We were able to rehire all the employees laid off due to (oh my goodness I don't even want to say it... grooooossssssss) COVID-19. We were able to come back stronger than ever to serve you. Big thanks to Haley and Siobhan for being flexible with schedules.  

  3. It has been 8 weeks since we opened. WOW. We have been super busy this whole time. Super thankful for you. Without you there would be no us. I mean this every time I say it. Trust me.  

Now we are experiencing a new challenge. Here are some ways you can help: 

  1. Book with Haley and Siobhan. They are amazing artists. This team would not function without them. When you book with our staff you are still supporting me - Kimberly. In fact, you are supporting me and them, at the same time!

  2. Book appointments for the rest of the year. This does two things. Helps us budget and saves you that coveted spot. ON THAT NOTE, Kimberly is booked out into mid-October, yet we still have openings right away with Siobhan and Haley.   • I promise you that they will care for your soul as much as I do. • Our main goal is to make you feel safe, loved, and beautiful. All of us feel this way. • If you really want to help me - Kimberly - please book with my staff or send your friends and family to my staff. I want to keep them employed.  



  • Hiking on low traffic trails

  • Paddle Boarding (fishing/public access points)

  • Stroller walks, basically I just need to get out.

  • Disney+

  • For the first time I've kept plants alive


  • Family days

  • Work

  • Therapy

  • Running/exercising

  • Online Education


  • Camping. Our trailer is saving us. 

  • Changing the subject.

  • Meet-ups with Erica.  

  • Running a business that will hopefully keep 2 people plus me employed.

  • Wine

*So it goes is a Kurt Vonnegut Jr. quote from "Slaughterhouse Five". He is my favorite all time author.

Thank you so much for sticking with us. We look forward to continuing to support each other during these challenging times (ugh). 

Love you all so much - Kimberly