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Do you find yourself uncertain about which appointment to choose? Does a partial highlight sound right? But, do you really just want your roots done? Do you want to try that Balayage thing your friend has but you don't want your ends to be too light and your roots too dark? Do you just want your hair done and not have to worry about all of this "stuff"?  

We are here for you. In order to make your first visit easy we have implemented simple booking:


Do you just want a haircut?


Haircuts include a consultation, shampoo, haircut, and blowout.


Do you want color?


Regular root touch-ups, All over-color, Basic highlights,  Includes consultation, shampoo, and blowout.


Modern Color

Balayage. Color Melt, Modern Highlights, Custom Blonde. Includes consultation, shampoo, and blowout.



Your hair goals are not basic and are beyond modern. Rainbow, Perms, Keratin, and more.

Haircut - You just want a haircut? This block also includes consultation, shampoo & blowout.

Basic Color - You want color? This block is for a root touch up or mini highlight. This block also includes consultation, haircut, shampoo & blowout.  

Modern Color - You want highlights? Or that Balayage thing? This block is for a partial highlight, full highlight, or Balayage. This block also includes consultation, haircut, shampoo & blowout.  

More - You want a major change? This block includes long term hair goal planning, consultation, hair color change, haircut, shampoo & blowout.

Click here for our cancellation policy.

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