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SPECIALTIES: highlights, root touch-ups, layered cuts, extensions, beach wave perms, and curly hair.   

When I started the journey of becoming a cosmetologist, I saw it as a way to get out of a stressful job and try something new. Little did I know, this career would become something I look forward to every day.


Not only was it exciting to spend each day learning from a Master Stylist and Licensed Educator, but I was also getting hands-on experience with my mom. 


When you are in my chair, it is my mission to make sure it feels like your throne. We can talk about anything and everything because the kingdom is yours (at least for an hour or two). No request is too much, and I will work hard to provide a beautiful result every time. 


In my free time, I bounce around between various activities and I love to try new things. My love of fantasy novels, and reading in general, sparked a passion for writing that started from a young age, and I continue to write, hoping to be a published author myself someday. I watch various TV shows ranging from anime, to comedy, to trashy reality dating shows and I love to be outdoors whenever I can.

The players are my age, weird.
Am I Heidi?
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