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New guest? Check out our new guest page so you can easily choose the appointment 'block' that is best for you!

Hair Cuts

Clipper Cut, Pixie Cut, Short Haircut - $45/$75/$95

Bob Haircut, Shag Haircut, Medium Haircut - $45/$90/$105

Long Haircut - $45/$105

Curly  Haircut - $45/$105/$115

Basic Color

Root Touch-Up - $90/$140/$160

All over 1 Color - $135/$165/$180

Partial Foil Highlights - $125/$175/$225

Full Foil - $165/$245/$325

Modern Color

Grey Hair Transition - $500 per session / $75 consultation 

Seamlessly grow out or incorporate your grey for a lower-maintenance look. Consultation required. 

Rainbow Color - $325 - $600

Have some fun and become the candy color of your dreams. Includes decolorizer, toner, and full fantasy color. Price is based on the desired outcome. 


Custom Blonde - $210 - $425

Instagram-worthy, color melty, custom blondes. The fade effect in a color melt creates a subtle soft transition from one color to another, a great way to make your blonde last forever. Price is based on the desired outcome.

Split Dye - $100 - $125/hour minimum 2 hours. 

You have seen it on TikTok. This look is everywhere. Let both halves of your equation shine. 

Color Correction - $95 - $125/hour 

Did you try to dye your own hair and oops? Did your niece start hair school? Or is it just a classic case of miscommunication? We are here for you. 

Texture Services

Keratin Treatment - $195 - $315

Basic Perm - $155 to $225

Modern Perm - $225 - $375

Student Keratin/Perm - $95 - $110

Prices are based on the desired outcome.

Special Occasion Hair

We love special occasion hair! Please email us so we can schedule a time to talk about your specific needs.

Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are unique to each person. Please email us so we can schedule a time to talk about your specific needs.


Blowout - $55 - $125

Brow Wax - $22

Lip or Chin Wax - $12

Color To Go - $55

CANCELLATION POLICY: All cancellations within 48 hours will be charged a $50 late cancellation fee. All no-shows will be charged the full price of service scheduled.  

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