Your Happy Place


Located in beautiful Redmond, WA

Fresh out of beauty school in 2006, Kimberly Irene quickly learned that building great relationships is the key to being a great stylist. 


Because having a great relationship ultimately leads to great hair.

Kimberly Irene Salon grew out of a passion for helping people be their best selves and paying it forward. Read about the night that changed Kimberly's life here.


It's a space for stylists to freely express their art, for clients to feel safe and cared for, and a place where we can support our community.

It's a space where you matter.


Have you ever gone to a party alone? And you're nervous? You mill around, hoping to find somebody that you can pal around with for the rest of the night? That's us.

We are like meeting a new best friend at a party.


Our stylists go through a minimum six month training program to ensure that they are skilled in the techniques, services and overall experience that Kimberly Irene Salon provides. The beauty of this system is that we get to know each stylist as an artist, and then showcase their signature skills.


Kimberly Irene Salon is an open and creative space. We find joy in your beauty.


You know what else makes us special? Our location. We have a beautiful corner studio with unobstructed views of the Sammamish River Trail. There are so many lovely things to watch throughout the day, humming birds, squirrels, dogs, kids, and even the occasional fitness videos being recorded. 


If you're looking for something different, a new concept in hair care, come see us, we'd love to have you!

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