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Photo vs. Video

Do you struggle with taking great photos?

I recently attended a class in New York, called get melty. Among the many things Emily and Shannon taught, was how to take great photos of your work. We learned how to be camera holders for ourselves and for others.

I knew video was a big deal but using video to take pictures was new to me.

Here are my favorite screen grabs from this video collection. I think these showcase our work as well as present the model’s personality.

Roman and I had so much fun in the salon doing a collaboration together.

This is the full video if you are interested in what being a camera holder looks like.

And for fun, these are some screen grabs that are not the best representation of our work. Good thing I took a video.

I am excited about all the new fun things to share, stay tuned…

XOXO – Kimberly



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