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Giving feels good

11/28/2022 Update

Wow. We have been through some really strange times. The students using Pantry Packs have grown exponentially. Giving Tuesday is the perfect time to donate.

With our move to Kirkland we are promoting giving to all LWSD Pantry Pack Programs. If you would like to give to your local school directly click here.

The median income in Kirkland is $116,000. The living wage clocks in at $106,600. (both numbers based on 2 incomes 2 kids). Pretty wild right!?!? That means most of us are just barely riding the line of a living wage. We are fortunate enough to live in an area with great programs like Pantry Packs.

Thank you for being part of this wonderful community.

XOXO - Kimberly

My husband, Bryan, is a teacher at Redmond High School, in Redmond, WA (the home of Microsoft). He helps with a program at school called Pantry Packs, collecting items for kids in need.

But what could kids in Redmond, WA possibly need? I was just as surprised as you are.

I grew up in a small town in Washington called Arlington. When I divorced my first husband, I was sharing a one bedroom apartment with my five year old daughter. I knew a little about struggling. Read more about that here.

What I didn't know was that there are people in wealthy communities, like Redmond, who also struggle. The median income in Redmond, located in King County, is $123,449 per year. King County also hosts cities like Seattle (home of UPS), Bellevue (home of Amazon), and Woodinville (home to 118 wineries).

In King County, the amount of people experiencing poverty pre-covid was 212,500. That number has grown.

The living wage in King County is considered $79,289 a year for a family of four, with both adults working.

This information was mind blowing.

Anyone who is living on $100,000 for a family of four in King County knows how tough it is to keep up. Let alone on $79K!

Pantry Packs is an awesome program helping Redmond families. Many of the kids that qualify for free lunch during school, have limited access to food and supplies outside of school. These Pantry Packs are filled with items to get them through the weekends or holiday breaks, when they can't come to school to get breakfast and lunch.

My salon started collecting items for Pantry Packs several years ago and what I love most is giving the kids items that they would not usually receive. For example, one summer, we supplied everyone with beach towels, sunscreen and lip balm!

With that being said, what these families need most is gift cards to Target and Fred Meyer so that they can purchase the items that their family specifically needs.

During times of Covid, teachers at Redmond High are delivering the Pantry Packs themselves. If you have unscented deodorant, lip balm, sanitary products, bath essentials, socks, gloves, scarves, hats, gift cards, or anything else you would like to donate, please drop off (or ship) them to Kimberly Irene Salon located at:

15791 Bear Creek Parkway

Suite 100

Redmond, WA 98052

We are hoping to deliver the goods to Redmond High by December 16th, so if you could drop off or ship to the salon by December 15th, that would be wonderful.

If you or someone you know is struggling to make ends meet, don't go without. Follow this link to family services.

I am thankful to be part of an amazing community. We will get through these tough times together and be better for it.

Love always - Kimberly



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