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Why is my price different than last time?

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All things in life change, including prices.

As a stylist, this is always a difficult situation. I love my clients like family. I also need to make enough to feed my family, and hopefully pay for my kids' college.

As an owner, this is a no-brainer. I have to make enough to cover costs, pay employees and take home a paycheck myself.

Prices fluctuate for everything, that is expected.

But, this is about something more.

One of the biggest challenges I face when checking out a client is what to charge.

Did they get a full foil or a partial foil? What is the difference? What if they have super thick hair? What if they have 4 strands of hair? What did I charge them last time? Did it turn out as well as I expected? Do I feel bad? Can they even afford this? Who pays this much to get their hair done? How am I even in business? This ALL runs through my head at check-out.

In all honesty, most of my clients should be charged more. I rarely charge for the extras, and frequently forget to charge for add ons.

You're welcome.

So on the days when I am running a tight ship and I remember to charge for everything that we did (the Olaplex, the Glaze, the Wax, etc) your bill might be more than it was last time. Sometimes a lot more.

Love you - Kimberly

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