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So you want to go GREY?

Sophisticated woman with grey shoulder length hair, black hat and black glasses

I hear this often in the salon "I would quit coloring my hair if I had that pretty grey" or "I can't stand my roots but I'm not ready to go grey"

What I am actually hearing is "I am curious about what I would look like if I stopped coloring my hair".

This is a wig - try it on, don't be shy! (I think she was a little ;)

Woman trying on a wig to see if she likes herself with grey hair

There are many reasons why people stop coloring their hair: time, money, allergies, age, just to name a few.

What if I told you there is a painless way to go grey?

Would you be interested? Would you say "NO WAY".

Woman who Kimberly matched her hair with her grey growout

Notice how her natural grey grow out is completely blended. I did that.

It is possible.

Here is the back story.

Early in my career, I had a platinum blonde, bleach and tone client come in for a touch up. I had just read an article about how Marylin Monroe got her famous color.

I tried it, and it turned her hair GREY. OOPS.

Now this was before that silver hair trend, we were just starting to see it on the runways but, definitely not on the street. I was able to fix my client's hair and she went on her merry way, but I had stumbled upon something.

An Idea was born.

Not long after that fateful color, we entered the "Great Recession" of 2008. I started to get a lot of clients who wanted to stop coloring their grey hair because they could no longer afford the up-keep and they certainly couldn't take time off to come in to the salon.

I took that (fateful) grey formula out of my back pocket, and with a little tweaking, I developed a method to help my clients ease the pain of growing out their grey.

The Grey Hair Transition has many forms, it can be simple or it can even be a rainbow!

Rainbow hair combined with grey hair

The Grey Hair Transition method can generally be completed in 3 sessions.

Most people find a comfortable place to stay after the 3rd session. Some even let their hair be grey and keep it that way. There are so many options to choose from and still incorporate the grey, check these out:

Beautiful grey hair bob

Lovely grey hair bob

Grey hair mixed with various shades and hues of purple

Grey hair beautifully blended with her brown hair

Grey hair can be a fashion statement too. Check these two out!

Young woman with the grey hair look that transitions into warm brown

Young woman with short grey hair

Please feel free to contact me for more information. I would love to help you make the Grey Hair Transition.

XO - Kimberly

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