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I got a Covid test, again...

I woke up Thursday morning and felt terrible. Like my allergies and a head cold collided with a sinus infection.

First thought, PANIC.

I got myself scheduled for a Covid test at one of those drive through locations. I cancelled my day. Then I called the state.

I wanted to know what the guidelines are for just feeling sick. While I waited on hold I researched everything I could about what to do if you are not feeling well. There are tons of guidelines on what to do if you are exposed, or if you get a positive test, NOTHING about precautions.

It was 58 minutes before I finally gave up.

I got to thinking, if I let Siobhan or Haley work while we wait for my test results and it came back positive then they could get infected if there was anything on the surfaces of the salon. I ultimately decided to treat the situation as if I was positive until I wasn't.

Better safe than sorry.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Cleaning a mirror with a blue rubber gloves and orange sponge

We closed for 2 days. The first 24 hours is a waiting period. Second day the studio was completely disinfected. Third day, we can safely re-open.

Thank God, my test came back negative. Yes we wasted time. Yes we wasted money.

But you are all way more important than that.

I would never want to be careless with your life. Thank you for trusting me with your head.

Love, Kimberly



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