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Salon update: Stay home, stay healthy!

Top of foamy latte cup with "STAY HOME" written in cinnamon

I just wanted to send a quick update about what you can expect. 

What to expect when you are expecting, lol.  

As you know, the stay home - stay healthy order, adds more time to our already VERY long staycation. I have shut down online booking for the time being. I am not completely sure how I am going to handle the re-schedule process, it is going to be interesting for sure.

So I appreciate your patience when that time comes.  

Thank you to the many of you who have reached out, it really makes my day. I miss you all so much!

Some people have asked about house calls.

Obviously this is a no-no. If I answered you tersely, I apologize. The fine is to revoke my license (meaning I can never do hair again), as well as $5000 and/or a year in jail. Again, I love you all, but I love this career so much, I do not want to lose it. 

I will still be delivering products.

Please let me know if you need anything. I wear gloves while packaging and dropping off. All bills are paid by invoice. So, no touching! 

If you would like me to pick up a prescription or anything essential I would be glad to help. Especially for my immunocompromised clients. I am here for you.  

If you miss me, feel lonely or bored, let's set up a video chat. Also, follow me on social media for some good clean fun. I am really funny.  

Love - Kimberly 



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