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The future of hair color

I am experiencing a shift in the salon. Guests are asking for in depth color services, called color projects. These are major change colors, ie previously colored hair wanting a result that requires multi-step services.

Hair color trends are asking for a commitment to color. We used to want lived in, recession proof color. Now we want, "what if the world ends?" color. We want the arm sleeve tattoo version of hair color. A color project might take some time but it makes us feel like we treated ourselves and, it brings us back for more. .

This might be as simple as a green pop of color surrounded by well blended highlights, or as complicated and fierce as a 3/4 head purple with a 1/4 head rainbow. This is brown hair wants to be blonde and red hair wants....well something new. Bring on your, oil slick, opal, unicorn, peacock and any other fashion color. Bring on your mushroom browns, and rose golds. Bring it on!

An appointment with a Color Artist is in high demand and hard to come by. These appointments should include an in depth consultation about goals and what it takes to get there. Be prepared with several inspiration pictures as well as one or two “please don’t do this” photos.

The photos in this example are from a recent color project that took two visits, in the same week, 5 hours and a lot of trust.

Before. Previous highlights, covered with brown and red.

During. She had to go home like this and come back the next day to finish.

After. This is Liquid Demi color. A toner to have her hair looking great while she waits for the next step.

Follow up? Yes!!! All color projects will require regular maitnence to keep them looking great and fortify the hair.

In the above example follow up is in 4 weeks. We will gently lift and tone, her next visit should be a nice golden blonde. By September she will have Bitchin Blonde and her hair will still be on her head.

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Love, Kimberly



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